New Mighty ~ 200 GHz (50mW) THz sources complement product line of 100- 300GHz generators

2018 is turning into a fruitful year for Terasense, indeed. As you might know we just recently released a few new powerful THz source models: 100GHz (200mW) and 280GHz (25mW). But terahertz progress is gaining momentum, and we are ready to offer another our ‘masterpiece’, which really stands out from the rest for its gigantic power output of 50 mW!

200 GHz (50mW) THz wave source

  • Frequency: ~ 200 GHz
  • Power: ~ 50 mW output rfpower
  • Frequency multiplier
  • Output: WR-4 flange
  • TTL Modulation (1us rise/fall time)
  • Detachable horn antenna (optional)

It suitably complements our impressive product line of existing terahertz sources, as outlined below. What is remarkable, we offer a few output power options for each frequency: