Coherent Unveils CO2 Laser Sub-System for Organic & Glass Materials Processing

Coherent has released a new CO2 laser-based sub-system, the PowerLine C. It offers a combination of convenience, versatile and economy for precision drilling, cutting, scribing, structuring, marking, and engraving of a wide range of materials. These include organics, such as polymers, paper, fabric, leather, vulcanized rubber or wood, as well as glass and ceramics.

The PowerLine C incorporates a sealed CO2 laser (available output powers of 180 W, 250 W, and 450 W), with a choice of scanning and beam delivery optics, in a compact, modular package. The combination of a fast scanner head, high laser power, and excellent beam quality, as well as powerful control software enables high processing speed, precision, and quality.

Coherent’s StarFlex software makes the PowerLine C easy to operate while also providing sophisticated process options. For example, a graphical user interface enables straightforward layout of cutting or marking paths, assignment of laser parameters, laser triggering (including offsets), and display of workload or process time. The PowerLine C has also been designed for ease of integration. It is housed in a 19” rack mount, uses a standard interface for network connections under Windows 10, and communicates using standard CAN bus technology.

Coherent premiered the PowerLine C at Labelexpo Europe 2019 (Brussels, Belgium, September 24 – 27, 2019) and at Coiltech (Pordenone, Italy, September 25 – 26) events with actual product rollout scheduled for November 2019.