(LiDAR関連)ディープルート/Disruptive Affordable L4 Self-Driving System, A Step Closer to Mass Production

FREMONT, Calif., December 8, 2021 – DeepRoute.ai announces its series-production-ready L4 solution DeepRoute-Driver 2.0, priced at approximately $10,000 USD, the equivalent of current L2 technology.

DeepRoute.ai looks to disrupt the industry by offering DeepRoute-Driver 2.0, the high performance, full-stack L4 self-driving system that meets auto-grade requirements fit for mass production at a significantly lower cost than existing solutions, the first company in autonomous driving to make this breakthrough. DeepRoute-Driver 2.0 offers differentiation from existing L4 pioneers like Waymo and Cruise, which boast sophisticated and efficient L4 algorithms but with a hefty price tag, and from advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as Tesla, that are affordable but have limited capabilities in terms of fully automated driving.