(LiDAR関連)ブリッジフォトニクス/Devon Energy to Use Aerial Gas Mapping LiDAR to Track Down Methane Emissions Across Full Portfolio

Bozeman, MT, February 07, 2022 –
Bridger Photonics (Bridger), creator of laser-based aerial methane scanning technology Gas Mapping LiDAR™, announced today that leading independent oil and natural gas company, Devon Energy has committed to multiple scans of its entire asset portfolio in 2022.

“Devon is stepping up in a big way to tackle emissions reduction with this move,” said Bridger’s CEO and co-founder, Pete Roos. “They’re one of the largest unconventional energy producers in the U.S., with assets across the Permian, Eagle Ford, Powder River, Bakken, and Anadarko. We will be scanning the entirety of their assets with Gas Mapping LiDAR twice this year.”