(LiDAR関連)英・ヴェオヴォ社/Veovo enhances airport performance and experiences with new LiDAR technology

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The addition of LiDAR to the Veovo platform will improve understanding of people movement throughout large and complex spaces and boost operational decision-making.

Veovo is excited to introduce new ground-breaking LiDAR technology to our Intelligent Airport Platform which transforms how airports operate and improve passenger experiences. LiDAR, short for Light Detection and Ranging, uses advanced 3D mapping and precise object detection, taking airport situational awareness to new heights.

The addition of LiDAR strengthens Veovo’s solution for people flow management. The new technology can cover large areas both inside and outside the airport, even in low-light conditions and can handle different airport layouts, whether it’s high or low ceilings, long corridors, or wide-open spaces. Beyond anonymously measuring passengers, LiDAR can track various moving objects around the airport, from luggage to vehicles, addressing the diverse needs of passengers and airport operations.

The new LiDAR technology seamlessly integrates with our cloud-based analytics platform and other sensors like 3D cameras and people counters, forming a dynamic ecosystem. As Veovo CEO James Williamson explained, “With Veovo, airports are no longer bound by hardware limitations. Now operators can choose the perfect mix of sensor technology including LiDAR, for their infrastructure, measurement, and budget needs. They can even incorporate their existing sensors to protect their investments.”

Powered by machine learning, Veovo’s platform provides real-time, historical data on queues and passenger movements and forecasts when and how people will show up and behave in the future. It offers a powerful and cost-effective way to track and predict wait times, monitor occupancy, and manage queues, even when they are unstructured or overflow into wider areas. This empowers airport operators to make smarter decisions about resource allocation and planning, improving efficiency and enhancing the passenger experience.

出典: https://veovo.com/insights/news/lidar-technology

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