(LiDAR関連)Livox Introduces High Performance, Low Cost, Mass Market Lidar Sensors For L3/L4 Autonomous Driving Applications

Horizon And Tele-15 Sensors Feature Livox’s Groundbreaking Scanning Method, Offering Better Performance At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Lidar Systems


January 6, 2020 – Livox Technology Company (Livox) is revolutionizing the lidar industry by introducing two high-performance, mass produced lidar sensors, the Horizon and Tele-15, which feature a groundbreaking scanning method that offers improved sensing performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional lidar units. By making high quality lidar technology far more easy and affordable to integrate into products and applications, Livox will transform innovations in L3/L4 autonomous driving, smart cities, mapping, mobile robotics and more.

“The growth potential of the lidar industry has been hindered for too long by ultra-high costs and slow manufacturing rates,” said Henri Deng, Global Marketing Director at Livox. “Livox seeks to change this by providing access to high quality lidar systems that are easily integrated into a wide array of different use applications. Through our technology, we hope to be the catalyst for the rapid adoption of lidar in the quickly growing industries of autonomous driving, mobile robotics, mapping, surveying and more.”