(LiDAR関連)ベロダイン/Velodyne Provides Lidar for ROBORACE Autonomous Racing Series, Media Reports

ROBORACE, the world’s first autonomous car racing series, selected Velodyne Lidar as the official lidar sensor provider in its next generation vehicles, reports The Auto Channel.

Lawrence Butcher in a Professional Motorsport World story writes, “Velodyne Lidar has been selected to supply ROBORACE, with its Velarray H800 lidar sensors set to be used in the electric-powered autonomous race series’ first season, which will commence in 2022.”

An Automotive World post quotes Chip Pankow, Chief Championship Officer of ROBORACE, saying:

“At ROBORACE, we are always searching for the best technology to build into our race cars and Velodyne has one of the best products available on the market. The Velarray will help our cars achieve safe navigation and collision avoidance in competitive autonomous racing.”

A Robotics & Automation News article includes our Chief Commercial Officer Sinclair Vass saying:

“ROBORACE is a proving ground for the next generation of mobility by putting self-driving technologies to the test in performance racing. With its long-range perception and broad field of view, the Velarray H800 is a great fit for ROBORACE’s autonomous race cars. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with ROBORACE in advancing innovation in the sport of racing.”



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