(LiDAR関連)Clear view for autonomous cars – Osram heralds new generation of infrared lasers for LiDAR

Special chip design takes wavelength stability of edge emitters to a new level

LiDAR is a key technology in the development of autonomous vehicles. In combination with radar and camera systems, it acts as the vision of the car that capture the surroundings. LiDAR, short for Light Detection and Ranging, uses infrared light to create a precise, three-dimensional map of the environment. The better this visual information, the easier it is for the downstream systems to use it. Up to now, the infrared lasers used for this purpose have deviations in wavelength stability of up to 40 nanometers as temperature in the component rises. As a result, the LiDAR system’s “vision” was a bit blurred. A novel chip design from Osram now reduces the wavelength shift to just ten nanometers, enabling much clearer and sharper images of the surroundings