(LiDAR関連)英・ジオコネクション社/Mobile LiDAR’s role in bringing ‘Industry 4.0’ to Norwegian forestry

By Eric Van Rees – 4th November 2022 – 09:15

GeoSLAMs LiDAR technology is mapping forests as part of the Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) SmartForest in Ås, Norway.

SFI SmartForest aspires to put the Norwegian forestry sector at the forefront of technological advances and Industry 4.0. Advancements in digital technologies and industry, trends toward an interoperable future, with high collaboration, a free flow of information, and real-time communication. Industry 4.0 is still in its infancy; however, early adopters of smart factories or smart forests can see the benefits of interconnectivity.