Avantes BV社:最新製品情報

AvaSpec-Mini MK-II (CMOS Inside)

Avantes is excited to release the next generation of AvaSpec-Mini spectrometers with CMOS detectors and advanced electronics and communications. Like the original AvaSpec-Mini, the CL series is only the size of a deck of cards, though with excellent temperature and wavelength stability. This instrument is easy to take anywhere you like, and is very well suited for handheld applications.

CMOS Inside

The AvaSpec-Mini-CL series can be equipped with a 2048 pixel CMOS detector or the first on the market 4096-pixel array. Enjoy the speed and enhanced native UV/NIR response of CMOS with incredible resolution to 0.1 nm unavailable anywhere else. The low stray light design allows less than 0.2% stray-light and the fast response time boasts data transfer speeds as fast as 4.6 ms/ scan and integrations times ranging from 30µs – 59s.